Buying Leads not worth the money.


Is buying leads a worthwhile marketing tool for your business

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Nearly everyday we are now all being bombarded with emails to purchase new leads.

The email image shown below is being sent by an organisation that serves for anyone gathering information about EPS systems or other forms of software is quite common.

This . The email is from a company that serves as a lead gathering source for ERP VARS ( and probably software publishers too ). They’re certainly not the only company offering this service but since I happen to be on their email distribution list I’ll use them as an example.

This lead they’re offering is a person looking to be better trained for future job opportunities. A noble request – but not exactly the type of lead most VARS would be looking for.

Which started me thinking. Are “pay leads” something VARS should be chasing? Maybe there was a time in the past that they worked. Are they still a valid marketing tool?

Services like the one that sent the email work by having end users submit contact information online – usually doing so in exchange for some type of free white paper or other assistance with finding an ERP solution.

These prospects are then matched with one of several consulting firms who’ve paid to receive the names of companies looking for help in their area of expertise.

At least that’s how it’s supposed to work.

Disclaimer: Various regions of the country have different types of lead results. If, for example, you’re in a remote area with no competition then a lead generation service probably works great because you just might be the only VAR chasing that lead.

However if you are in New York City or San Diego then I bet your experiences will be a lot different

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Helping you turn more prospects into customers

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