Hot Fix 2 available for ACT! 2010


Hot fix for ACT!

Further Information

This hotfix applies to all machines particularly where synchronisation is involved.

Release Date

June 2010



KB article 25996

Apply this hot fix to all machines that are involved in database synchronisation to avoid issues surrounding renaming layouts, queries, and reports. This includes all machines that contain the Main Synchronisation Database, Main Remote Database, and machines that have the ACT! Network or ACT! Internet Sync Services applied

Hot Fix 2 for ACT! 2010 SP1 may resolve your issues if:

  • You are an ACT! Premium for Web user who is experiencing performance problems and sees the following error message when adding notes to a contact: “A script on this page is causing Internet Explorer to run slowly. If it continues to run, your computer may become unresponsive.”
  • You are an ACT! Premium for Web user who sees performance problems when ACT! attempts to connect to Outlook®.
  • You are an ACT! Premium for Web user and are unable to create a new letter or e- mail template from the web.
  • You want to add the Product Name field to the Opportunity list and see that it is not one of the options available.
  • You are an ACT! user who shares an ACT! 2010 database, have upgraded your client to ACT! 2010 SP1, and now see the following error message: “Cannot find database supplemental files folder Shared-database files in this location UNUPDATED. This could be problem with the share, or the folder may not exist. Please contact the administrator of your database.”
  • You have upgraded to ACT! 2010 SP1, and notice that several Web Info tab links are no longer functioning. These links may include Google® Driving Directions, Google Maps™, Google News™ Search, Google Search, LinkedIn®, and Plaxo.
  • You have multiple or heavily-formatted notes and notice a decrease in performance and/or ACT! stops responding for several minutes.
  • You are unable to add folders to the Documents tab by adding shortcuts to the folder and opening the entire directory.
  • You have upgraded to ACT! 2010 SP1 and are now unable to save items to drop-down lists.

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