Why MYOB Link

XLinkmyobXact Live Accounting Link for ACT! bring you

  • Up-to-the-minute - accounting history you view through an Xact Live Link in ACT! is current - no overnight processing delays.
  • Accuracy, what you see is how it is! - when a customer calls looking for credit approval, your sales staff can rely on the accounts receivable information viewed in the accounting tab in ACT! as accurate. Our sync free design ensures that.
  • True workflow - CRM and accounting information all in one place - no swapping between ACT! and your accounting screen. Other, old-style, links for ACT! rely on opening accounting software installed on your PC just to create transactions or even simply to link an ACT! record with an accounting record.
  • No flicking between ACT! and accounting software views. Xact Live Links do the heavy lifting. No waiting on accounting software to load just to create an invoice on closing that sale. Everything is available in ACT! - one view.
  • Anytime availability for all users - business accounting software often limits the number of simultaneous user connections. Because the Xact Live Link uses smart channel-sharing technology you have unimpeded access to accounting for all your sales staff irrespective of the number of accounting licenses held.
  • No intensive 'catch up processing'. Xact Live Links do not add load to your back-office systems to synchronize data each night. No need to move all the daily transaction history, invoices, estimates, etc from accounting into ACT!
  • Savings on license costs - Why pay twice? Older link products simply import data, storing a copy of accounting history in ACT! but incapable of creating transactions or even linking records without the expense of additional accounting software on your PC. The Xact Live Link works directly and safely with your accounting data - no need to buy additional accounting software license.

Screenshots from Main Screen

whylinkLThe following screen shots will give a feel for the link capability. Click on the small pics to see a full screen picture.

      myob1_smCard Details Displaying MYOB Card inside ACT!

      myob2_smInvoice Detail. When creating an invoice from within ACT! using MYOB link.

      myob3_smInvoice History: List of MYOB invoices against the customer in ACT!

      myob4_smInvoice Lookup: Looking up an MYOB invoice in ACT!

      myob5_smLinked Record: Displaying MYOB Financial Summary & Terms in ACT!.

      myob6_smManage Link: Linking an ACT! record to the MYOB account card.

Reporting Screenshots

      myobr1_smReporting Customer Location: Displaying your customer locations on a Google map.

      myobr2_smReporting Total Owing: Running a report from within ACT! of Totals Owed by Customer.

      myobr3_smReporting Sales History: Financial Year sales history by MYOB customer.

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