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21 Day trial Version
You can download a 21 day trial of this product. This is a fully functioning version.

Pricing for Quickbooks Link

Licensing is on a per user basis $195.00 per user.
Discounts available for 3 or more users.

Versions of ACT! this product works with

ACT! 2007 / 9
ACT! 2008 / 10
ACT! 2009 / 11
ACT! 2010 / 12
ACT! 2011 / 13
ACT! 2011 / 14
Not compatible with ACT for Web

Compatible Quickbooks versions AUS / NZ

QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise 2012/2013
QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise 2011/2012
QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise 2010/2011
QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise 2010/2011
QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise 2009/2010
QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise 2008/2009

Compatible Quickbooks versions US / Canada

QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise 2005
QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise 2006
QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise 2007
QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise 2008
QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise 2009
QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise 2010
QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise 2011
QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise 2012
Note: The Xact link for ACT! and QuickBooks (UK) should be compatible with the Enterprise version of QuickBooks although this is yet to be tested.

XACT link for Quickbooks

Like any Link there may be issues with your installation although most of the time we have found these are often environment related. 

The following covers many of the possible situations plus some remedial actions you can take to resolve.


I configured the link and I tested the connection, I can see the Link's tab but nothing seems to be working, what is wrong?
After configuring the link you need to restart ACT for the changes to apply.

I have configured the link and restarted ACT but the QuickBooks tab in ACT is blank.
You need to configure user access for each individual ACT user, by default the link operates in full lockdown mode, the link's feature need to be enabled by an administrator. Also make sure Link field is set.

I am using Windows Vista and I get an error message whenever I try to start ACT after installing the link.
Try to start ACT as an administrator.

I forgot my User Access password
Click the "Forgot password?" link below the password box. A password reset request form will be displayed.

I have setup the link and it seems to be configured properly but whenever I try to use it I get an error message.
This is possibly due to assigning an ID field that already contains data, make sure to assign an ID field that is used for nothing but the link, this field should be hidden from the contact detail view.

I have changed the contact layout in ACT and now all of my tabs are duplicates / cannot be accessed.
This seems to be an issue that occurs from time to time in ACT which affects layouts and plugins that add their own tabs in the ACT detail view, the workaround is to restart ACT.

When switching between ACT Databases during the same session, some of the link features become disabled.
This seems to be an issue with the way ACT handles some of its plugins, the workaround is to restart ACT.

"Unable to connect to QuickBooks" error message pops up at the start
There are a number of reasons for this error message:

  • Connection settings is not properly configured: Make sure QuickBooks is already running if "Use already opened QB data file" option is checked
  • On a Windows Vista / 7 environment, if either of QB or ACT! is running on an elevated privileges either This is known a limitation of integrated application in QuickBooks running on Windows Vista / 7. Make sure these two conditions are met:
    • UAC is turned ON
    • Run both application (QB and ACT!) in standard user privilege (not elevated to Run as Administrator
  • More than one QuickBooks is installed or upgrading QuickBooks to a newer version and leaving behind the older version (specifically for AU/NZ version)

"Could not start QuickBooks" error message pops up at the start
See "Unable to connect to QuickBooks" (above)

I got an error message "A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, ?"
This error appears on a remote RDS setup. Check the following:

  • QuickBooks is running on the server
  • RDS server is running and set to listen to the incoming connection
  • Make sure both server and client are using the same port number
  • Network is setup properly
    • Server machine is reachable from client
    • Router and firewall (server and client) allows the connection
    • Try using HTTP channel instead of TCP (see user manual)

Upon closing QuickBooks the following message appears: "The company file cannot be closed at this time because there is another application (add-in product or background task) which are using it."
Make sure ACT! is closed before exiting QuickBooks.

On RDS environment make sure all clients are not connected and RDS server is terminated (not running in background). If any of the clients (ACT running the link) were not closed properly then RDS server will display still being connected, in this case you may stop the RDS server disregarding the warning.

Upon starting up Remote Data Sharing (RDS) server I get the following error message: "Error reading RDS Server settings: Padding is invalid and cannot be removed."
This error is caused by running the server under a different account than the one it was installed under. To fix this problem, run the RDS server from the initial Windows user account; if this is not possible then perform these steps:

Warning!The following procedure should only be performed by a system administrator and all necessary system backup should be done beforehand.

  1. Locate file "RDSServer.dat" in the following location
    • Windows XP:
      "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Intuit\RDSServer\v6\"
    • Windows Vista / Windows 7:
  2. Rename the file to something else (e.g. RDSServer.dat.bak)

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