Miranda Divine

Miranda Divine

An Australian columnist and writer, noted for her conservative stance on a range of social and political issues. Her column formerly printed twice weekly in Fairfax Media newspapers, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Sun-Herald, now appears in the News Limited Daily Telegraph with frequent posts on the Telegraph blogs.

Miranda articles bring a good deal of light on many of the unreported stories affecting our nation. Her blog is located where you can find the originals of all of the following unedited stories.Blog Link


Green Agenda Has Parallels With Excesses Of Communism. Vaclav Klaus, who has twice been elected as Czech President and is its former prime minister, is one of the most important figures in post-communist Europe. His experiences under totalitarian rule have made him exquisitely alert to the erosion of democratic freedoms.

He said environmentalists had been arguing for decades that we should reduce our consumption of fossil fuels, using various farcical ploys from the exhaustion of natural resources to the threat of "imminent mass poverty and starvation for billions".


Thank heavens for Bob Carter. The advice about climate change that is being provided to the Prime Minister is irredeemably flawed. Post-modern rather than scientific in character, it represents advice in service of a political agenda. 


Not just broken promises. No one who wanted a carbon tax would have voted for Tony Abbott. But a fair few in marginal Labor seats would have been reassured enough by Gillard’s vow to overcome their urge to vote for the climate realist Opposition Leader.

Carbon pricing is a vote killer, as politicians in the US and Canada understood when they scrapped their own plans.


Woman confronts PM over carbon 'lies'.

It couldn't last. Ms Gillard was approached by a middle-aged woman who had been told by one of the Prime Minister's minders that "no-one has asked about the carbon tax".


Turbine hype is a costly myth.

“So that came out. But unfortunately, taking that big weight out from the top changed the resonance of the turbine itself so at the moment if it goes above a certain speed the whole thing starts vibrating.” 

“Gyawd” said McCloud, which just about sums up the whole green con. 


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