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While I have always wanted to be non political the current push by the Gillard Government is pushing many of my friends and customers over the edge.

Now is the time we all made a stand and acted to retain our rights and freedoms not give them up for a so called higher cause. I do not mean any militant approach but by using our voice as a whole before it may be too late. If you are not convinced read some of the articles below and follow some of the links as they all seem to be saying one thing “The science is not convincing and until it is we need to hold fire on painting the world green.”

The latest fight for this is a Juliar ringtone with her famous quote “There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead” . Download FREE and help express your opinion. I expect it may go viral over coming weeks.

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While some may think this is a little over the top protest my belief is we need everyone to participate for the current mode of this campaign to be successful.

In Australia we are being driven to become more active about our participation in both social and community projects. The one major problem I see from government is that they seem to want to control our lives rather than letting us get on with running our business.

Other Climate Change information


Climate Skeptics Handbook - Don’t fall for the “complexity” argument or vague answers. The climate is complex, but the only thing that matters here is whether “adding more CO2 to the atmosphere will make the world much warmer”. Make up your own mind. 16 pages worth reviewing if you are questioning the current policy direction.


Carbon Dioxide and the Politics of the Carbon Tax - A presentation by Menzies House and written by Andy Semple this looks at many of the claims plus contains links to all types of other information sources. 10 pages of informative statements and many links to other resources


Global Warming Petition Project - The project has fulfilled the expectations of its organizers. In PhD scientist signers alone, the project already includes 15-times more scientists than are seriously involved in the United Nations IPCC process. Read it for yourself


dt_mirandadevineMiranda Divine is a writer for the Daily Telgraph and has published a number of articles which expose the whole carbon tax plot. An article we all must read. Our freedom is being eroded and now former Communists are speaking out about the parellels with former times.



I was elected to the Legislative Council as a Liberal Member in 1995. My term expires in March 2015.

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