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Support Options

If you require a support then generally package you can see what we have available below. If you want to try and solve the problem yourself one of the best places to start is the ACT! knowledge base. We have provided a number of links below to assist your search.

4UCRM on line KB articles: For some of the more common knowledge solutions we have created in the following online KB articles.

With many of these we have also provided a downloadable .PDF of the solution.

ACT! Knowledge base Link - This link launches to the ACT! online knowledge database where you will be able to search for possible solutions  online.

Remote Support Link This link allows you to download our remote support tool.

Submit Support Request lets you complete a support form for an email or phone response.

Support Packages available

We have a number of support packages available depending on your particular need and budget. We do not provide FREE phone support although we do have a single FREE option available to all users.

  1. Basic Package
    • No yearly fee does not include phone support.
    • FREE email support.
    • Phone support charged per incident depending on duration.
  2. Priority Support - Gold Package
    • Single yearly fee for unlimited phone support covering the nominated user.
    • Free support via email with priority response by next business day.
    • Up to 3 remote login sessions included.
  3. Priority Support - Platinum Package
    • Unlimited Phone support.
    • Priority 18 hour per day support coverage.
    • Up to 10 remote login sessions included.
    • FREE email support with priority response by next business day.
    • Custom Links to knowledge base articles.

When you have a problem ...

If you have a problem with your system there are often some simple steps that may assist to correct the issue before making the call to support.

  1. Restart your system
  2. Attempt the same steps again
    • If the problem persists then make a note of the steps required.
    • Make a note or screen shot of any error messages
  3. Depending on your support package make contact with support.

Technical Support Request
For technical support even without a support contract you can complete the online form.

If you complete the online form you will receive contact generally within 24 hours.

Complete the on-line form

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Helping you turn more prospects into customers

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